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Dark Mode01

Artworks are available for purchase on June 3rd at 3:30 PM PST, exclusively on MakersPlace.

 Prepare to enter Dark Mode 01, Blvck's debut NFT collection created exclusively by founder and creative director Julian O'hayon. This series has applied his personal 'Blvck' stamp to six moody, distinctive and aesthetically satisfying creations. 

The artwork plays on various shades of black and is applied to the thematic concepts which define Blvck Paris. Julian encapsulates 3D effects by bringing his ‘art to life’ and leaving an imaginative and aesthetic vision to its viewers, through a melancholic theme. The artwork embodies the ethos behind the brand with the purpose of demonstrating Blvck Paris’ poetic and artistic endeavour to those that share Julian’s love of aesthetically pleasing monochrome art and design.

DARK MODE 01 features Julian’s original works in the form of unique 3D motion graphics. Julian invites the viewer to envisage the key concepts that exemplify Blvck by changing the mood of food, animals, nature and architecture. Each piece aims to bring the viewer into the Blvck world, whilst they enjoy the backdrop of original musical pieces, produced by Julian.

Blvck Land 

Step into Dark Mode, featuring ‘Blvck Land’. Feel the moody aesthetics as you are taken into the world conceptualising Blvck Paris.

Blvck Snake

As one of the most iconic symbols of Blvck Paris, Julian invites you to experience the ethos behind the brand. This artwork explores themes such as luxury, melancholy, and power. The experience will open your interpretative mind.

Blvck Astronaut

Taking you to the peak of Dark Mode without limitations and endless opportunities. ‘I can resist anything except temptation’.

Blvck Baby Tiger

Blvck Roses

A melancholic piece for those with a dark soul. The piece comprises symbols of Blvck Paris brought to life.

Blvck Fast Food

Get taken through the most aesthetic, designer and conceptually pleasing fast food experience of your life.
Own the NFT before Blvck brings the experience to life.